If Mr Darcy was a wrestler

You can find anything on Amazon! I’m sure I have room for a life-size cut-out CM Punk…

You can find anything on Amazon! I’m sure I have room for a life-size cut-out CM Punk…

I have a new interest.

It’s not something I would have chosen for myself. In fact, it’s fair to say I’ve had it forced upon me. But after a reluctant start, I find myself becoming quite the expert on the ‘WWE Universe’. Yes, I have boys! And yes, I do have a favourite wrestler, thanks for asking. I started out with Randy Orton – dazzled by the thighs, I’m not ashamed to say. But my love for The Viper was fleeting, and now I’m a CM Punk girl all the way. Turns out that when you’re surrounded by it day in, day out, almost anything can become interesting. Of course in this case, there are compensations… *fans self*

Anyway, it made me think about how this relates to writing. (It does, I promise!) One of the most important traits for a writer is being interested. The world is full of things you might be tempted to dismiss at first glance. But for a writer, everything under the sun is fair game, no matter how unlikely or unrelated.

Alongside my involuntary WWE indoctrination, I recently saw something on YouTube that rekindled my interest in historical fiction. Now I admit, it’s quite a step from this:

Yes. This DVD is in my house.

Yes. This DVD is in my house.

mto this:

Oh, Mr Darcy!

Oh, Mr Darcy!

But bear with me. I’m going to make a (very tenuous!) connection.

Heaven knows what Jane Austen would have made of Hell in a Cell, the Anaconda Vise, and John Cena with biceps as big as his head. But I’d like to think that if she was with us now, her enquiring author mind would take all our modern-day mores and craziness, and turn them into wonderful, timely stories. Granted, even modern-day Jane’s tastes would probably be more high-brow than WWE. But everything that makes up a writer’s world – now, or two hundred years ago – goes into the lively, mysterious book soup that is an author’s brain. I don’t know when or how wrestlers will make it into my writing, but I’m willing to bet they will, eventually. (If only as thigh inspiration!)

While I love the classics, I mostly read contemporary these days, because that’s what I write. However, this gorgeous video with its swoon-worthy (if not über-ripped) men made me think I should get more familiar with the historicals being written now.

But I’ll be keeping up to date with WrestleMania too. It’s important to be well-rounded, after all. 😉


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