A beach, a badge, and a book

            …an alliterative blog post. 🙂

A beach

It’s the height of summer here. The strawberries have come and gone, but now there are crates of watermelons in the supermarket. The kids are getting tanned, even though I cover them with sunscreen every day. During the day, we squirt them with the hose on the trampoline, and when the cool evening comes, they’re back out there again, bouncing with the mosquitos.

Earlier this month, we loaded up the car and headed north to our favourite holiday spot. It was really nice to swap the scene on the left for the one on the right…I know which back yard I prefer!








One of the joys of living in New Zealand is that you can travel to a gorgeous beach in the peak of summer…and share it with hardly anyone at all. Bliss.





A badge

On the way home, feeling a bit sad with the post-holiday blahs, I checked my email—and found this! Needless to say, I smiled the whole rest of the drive home…and for a long time after. 🙂 Thank you so much to everyone who voted for The Same But Different! And, of course, thanks to the lovely Stephanie at Moonrise Book Blog for organising such a great event, and for the prettiest winner’s badge ever.


badge - The Same But Different


A book

Remember that book that everyone read in high school? The one your friends passed around, that fell open to the juiciest parts of the story? Everyone likes to skip to those parts sometimes! I know I do, and the girls at The Keeper Shelf do too. So in time for Valentine’s Day, we’ve put together a book with favourite excerpts from our recent books. As the title says, some of them are sexy, some are sweet, and some are downright sizzling!

It’s In His Kiss is available for pre-order now, so you can one-click it today at Amazon, and it will magically appear for you on release day, February 2. And at a permanent price of only 99 cents, it’s a great chance to try out some new-to-you authors. Just click on the cover to head over to Amazon…

Beth, Suzi, Tara, Moriah, Tamara, Sylvie, HJ, Erin, Callie, Deborah and I all hope you enjoy it! 🙂


It's In His Kiss

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