The secret 1-2-3 of finding your Valentine

For better or worse, it’s that time again! The internet is staggering under the weight of Valentine’s Day related posts, and the shops are in a frenzy of romantic promotion. (Don’t worry, the absurdly early Easter eggs will be back shortly.) Depending on your situation, you’ll probably have one of three responses to Valentine’s Day.

1. “Yay! Candy, flowers and a whole lot of fooling around!”

= I’m newly in love and I’m hyped up on heart-shaped chocolate and Hallmark cards.

2. “Valentine’s Day? Better grab something on the way home…and go to bed a bit earlier.”

= We love each other, but, you know, it’s everyday life now.

3. “La-la-la-la-la-la-la-la!” *fingers in ears*

= I have no Valentine. Please do not show me any pink cards, doe-eyed teddy bears or frilly red lingerie.

Valentines post picIf you’re in category 1, enjoy it – and good luck! Hopefully you’ll make it to category 2, which is actually a pretty great place to be. If you’re in category 3, read on. Here is my top secret, revealed only to you today, formula for harnessing the power of St Valentine and finding true love….

People often say, oh she’s too picky. Don’t be so fussy. You have to compromise. To this I say, no! Don’t compromise! If you know what you want – I mean really know – you just might get it. Not, “At this point, I just want someone taller than me, with a job and without halitosis.” You have to be more specific.

You have to narrow it down to THREE THINGS ONLY.

As you’ll soon discover, this is incredibly hard. How do you sum up the best aspects of a person in only three words? It makes you really think about what’s most important to you – what’s most dear to your heart, what are your deal-breakers, and what you really want your life to be like. You might end up learning as much about yourself as about your I-wish Valentine.

So what were the three things on my list?

1. Kind. It’s cheating a little maybe, but this covers so much. Thoughtful, friendly, nice to animals and small children, capable of real love, polite to your mother. You get the idea.

2. Intelligent. Note, I did not say academic. Those are two different things, if you ask me. I just wanted someone with a damn good brain, who was in on the joke. Plus, as we know, smart = sexy. (Yes, this has now been scientifically proven.)

3. Cheerful. Angsty heroes are fine in the pages of a book, less fun in real life. Life can be complicated, but oh, it’s so short! Let’s enjoy it!

And did this list work for me? Well, this is my fourteenth Valentine’s Day with the amazing guy who ticked all those boxes. So yes, it did. Maybe it’ll work for you too. I hope so!

Finally, in the name of all things romantic and not-at-all schmaltzy, here’s the most beautiful love song I know:

(If you like this version of To Make You Feel My Love, check out Adam’s other songs on YouTube.)


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