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A beach, a badge, and a book

            …an alliterative blog post. 🙂

A beach

It’s the height of summer here. The strawberries have come and gone, but now there are crates of watermelons in the supermarket. The kids are getting tanned, even though I cover them with sunscreen every day. During the day, we squirt them with the hose on the trampoline, and when the cool evening comes, they’re back out there again, bouncing with the mosquitos.

Earlier this month, we loaded up the car and headed north to our favourite holiday spot. It was really nice to swap the scene on the left for the one on the right…I know which back yard I prefer!








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Moonrise birthday giveaway

Moonrise Book Blog is celebrating their first birthday—but you get the prizes!

Moonrise anniversary banner

Every day from today until July 15, Stephanie and the gorgeous Moonrise team will be featuring an interview with a character (or characters) from a book they’ve reviewed recently. Cady and Shelby will be there, from The Same But Different. And the readers get to win! There’s something for everyone—the ebook prizes include contemporary, urban fantasy, paranormal romance, and more…

Stop in to Moonrise Book Blog here to see which author is participating each day, and enter the draw!

Moonrise anniversary interviews

All winners will be contacted after the contest ends on July 15. Good luck…and have fun!



The sound of our stories

People like music when they’re in love, but they don’t need it as much. You need music when you’re missing someone or you’re pining for someone or you’re forgetting someone or you’re trying to process what just happened.
~ Taylor Swift

Remember that love song you were addicted to when you were fourteen? You wrote the lyrics in the back of your notebook, and imagined he was singing about you.

What about the chart-topper you and your friends sang that crazy karaoke night, before you left for college, when you had the world—intoxicatingly, scarily—at your feet?

Or the song that played for your first dance with that guy who was, surely, your meant-to-be one true love? (Turned out he wasn’t…but that’s another song.)

Everyone has songs that resonate in their life—a soundtrack for your experiences, good and bad. And books can have soundtracks, or playlists, too. The songs for these playlists came in all kinds of ways: on the road listening to the car radio, a chance discovery online, reminiscing with friends. And there are songs from my own life, of course, that hint at where the story runs closer to truth than fiction. If you figure out a few of my secrets hidden here, don’t tell anyone! 😉

Just click on an image to go to the book’s page with the playlist…and enjoy!

Playlist AOTPPlaylist TSBD